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Our Projects with Vital Essentials

We've had the pleasure of working for Vital Essentials on multiple projects. We've broken each project down by product, to easily see deliverables. We started our work for Vital Essentials in 2019, and have been contracted each year since. Projects are sorted from newest to oldest work.




For our latest project for Vital Essentials, we were tasked with creating content, which included both dogs and cats. VE's Toppers are for both dogs, and cats, which we showcased separately and together. Posing both cats and dogs together was a fun challenge for us!

Deliverables: 25 photos, 2 videos, 2-minutes of clips


Cat Products

We were tasked with creating content for 10 different cat foods, broken up into patties and nibs, and eight different cat treats. We learned that cat personalities are just as diverse as dog personalities, and had a blast with the challenge!

Deliverables: 75 photos and two 30-second videos



RAW bars

We were tasked with creating content for 10 different Raw Bars, showcasing their new plastic packaging with a red tab that makes unpacking super easy, while still maintaining freshness. We adore the expressions the dogs gave us for these tasty snacks.

Deliverables: 75 photos and six video clips



Dinner patties

We were tasked with creating content for VE's Freeze Dried Dinner Patties, in different flavors. Their new shape and different forms of feeding (rehydrated or dry) was our focus. The patties are lightweight, so they are ideal for high quality food on the go.

Deliverables: 75 photos and two 30-second videos


Hemp Chews

As the world learns more about hemp and the benefits of CBD, we are seeing more dog products pop up with various benefits. VE launched three hemp treats with different benefits, and we had fun capturing the results of each chew.

Deliverables: 25 photos



first project

Our first project with VE was broad. We were sent many projects from raw nibs to patties to chews, and it was our first real taste of how fun it would be creating for Vital Essentials. 

Deliverables: 35 photos and 1 short video

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