The long-awaited Voyager Presets


DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE. DO NOT RESELL. Tales of Voyage, LLC will hold you responsible for any redistributing/sharing/reselling via legal action. 

Voyager 01

Warmth. Edits that lean warm will always have a place in my heart. Bringing summer vibes and golden hour vibes to your photos in one click.

Voyager 02

Colorful. Vibrant. True to tones. This preset adds a little extra color to your already existing amazing images. 

Voyager 03

Light and easy. Keeps the colors neutral and natural while bringing light elements to your photo. This preset is great for almost any photo and brings light to a subject that is needs more light.

Voyager 04

Simple and bright. When struggling with a photo that isn't lit well, this is my go-to preset. 

Voyager 05

Cool crisp vibes. This styalized preset is a favorite due to the cool vibes it presents. I think we can all think of a photo that looks amazing with the cool tones poppin.

Voyager 06

WARMER.... WARMER.... Warmth is my soft spot, and this one has it all. Warm shadows, warm highlights, warm colors. warm :)

Voyager 07

Nature tones on any photo. Bringing natural photos and cool greens will make any nature-based photo pop on screen and in print. 

Voyager 08

Our most vibrate preset of the pack. Enhanced colors to make the most of your colorful photos creating dynamic shots that pull focus to all corners of your shot and keep the eyes interested.

Voyager 09

By far my favorite preset I've ever worked with. Keeping colors natural, but still creating a stylized feel via color corrections and slight tone additions. Give your photos a facelift.

Voyager 10

Light and airy b