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Just two fun gals making stuff.

Meet Ellen and Julie

Greetings, friends! Meet Ellen and Julie: the dynamic duo behind Tales of Voyage. A year before Tales of Voyage was founded in 2019, Julie and Ellen became fast friends after meeting through their dog's Instagrams. From Illinois and Missouri, respectively, Julie and Ellen have midwestern charm, yet bossy enough to GET *clap* IT *clap* DONE.

Upon meeting, Julie knew that Tales of Voyage was the future for both of them. Over the course of 2018, Ellen and Julie figured out what they wanted Tales of Voyage to be: a business for stories, no matter how big or small. From your backyard wedding to a massive outdoor marketing campaign, they are in it for the stories. 

Below you'll find a little more about Julie and Ellen specifically. Their quirks and passions outside of photography. And obviously their dogs.




The Director of Videography at Tales of Voyage. Julie has her degree in Media Design Production with a theatre minor (read: dramatic AF) from Indiana University and has been grinding that media grind ever since. Free time is spent doing things with her dogs: including mushing, cultivating her "plant mom vibe" and eating grilled cheese, whilst complaining of eating too much cheese. Is she loud? yes. Is she amazing at dress floofing for pics? Also yes.


She's a Virgo.

1. Loves her dogs Tucker and Leo and dog sleds with them! Was this anyone else's childhood dream?

2. Raced in the "little 500 bike race" in college (ifykyk)

3. Almost always highly caffeinated: this is your warning.

4. Favorite place Julie has ever traveled is Alaska. "It was pretty f*cking cool there"

5. Julie could put on a one-woman production of Hamilton (only ask if you actually want to see it cause she will indeed perform the entire 2 hours and 30 minutes of it.)

Five Fun Facts



The Director of Photography at Tales of Voyage. Ellen has her Masters in Public Policy as well as her bachelor's in Psychology and Sociology (read: likes to talk politics) from the University of Missouri, in Columbia. She has a background in sport jouranlism photography, so she takes way too many photos, but never misses a moment. Free time is spent doing things with her dogs, fighting for social justice, and creating really pretty charcuterie boards. 


She's a Libra.

1. Every time you see her, she'll most likely have a different hairstyle. She's even shaved her head!

2. Any time she says a funny quote and follows it with "what's that from?!" assume it's from The Office. It's all she watches~maybe like 20 times through?

3. Would likely be a fire bender if in Avatar: The Last Air Bender, although a member of the white lotus.

4. Worked for Americorps with Jumpstart for six years, so she can get any kid to laugh for a photo.

5. Really loves whales. Like wants to go on a boat trip from Hawai'i to Alaska following a pod kind of love.

Five Fun Facts

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